Aims and scopes

Studies in Chinese Learning and Teaching (SCLT) is a free open-access journal that publishes pedagogical reports and research papers in the field of Chinese learning and teaching. We welcome submissions of Research papers (Peer Review), Pedagogical reports (Peer Review), Forum entry (Editorial Review), Reviews of books and software (Editorial Review), Student work (Editorial Review).  It is especially interested in essays and studies that contribute to a better understanding of Chinese language, literature and culture education. The journal also publishes critical reviews of books and software that contribute to Chinese pedagogy and student work in their Chinese classes (e.g., essays and calligraphy). In addition, SCLT serves as a forum for Chinese learners, educators and program administrators to exchange thoughts on all aspects of Chinese education. 

Editor in Chief

Yueming Yu

Executive Editors: 

Gang Liu 

Feng Xiao 

Assistant Editors: 

Haixia Wang

Ding Wang-Bramlett 


One issue per year

Institutional sponsor 

Carnegie Mellon University